- The Game

The Game

  1. The Ball, this is you.
  2. The Goal, this is where you have to go without dying.
  3. The Speed bar, this is how fast you are rolling.
  4. The Distance bar, this is how far are you from The Goal.
  5. The Info, this is where you can learn about your frame per second (FPS), if your music or sound effects (MUSIC & SFX) are on or off and about the gravity (GRAVITY can vary from LOW, where you can jump very high, and ULTRA, where you cannot jump at all, going through NORMAL and HIGH gravities).
- Level Editor

The Editor

  1. The Cursor, this is to select the tile you are editing.
  2. The Scroll bar, this is to move fast from the beginning to the end of the level (you can scroll also with the mouse wheel or up and down arrows).
  3. The Control area, this is where you find all the editing options. In clockwise order:
    • the name of the level
    • the type of the tile (you can press "Q" to pop up the selection window without clicking on this to speed up the building process)
    • the color of the base of the tile (or press "W")
    • the color of the top of the tile (or press "E")
    • current row/total rows
    • up and down arrows to scroll the level
    • the background of the level (or press "D")
    • the gravity selector (or press "S")
    • the height of the tile (or press "A")
    • some other buttons: insert and delete rows, save the level for publish or future editing and a test button to test your level
- Custom Levels
The Custom Road window is the core of HiRoads. Here you can play user generated levels and do a lot of community things.
In the main window you can find the level ready to play.
Straight on the left there are more levels from the same author, and, a little under there, you can find users' comments about the road.
Under the game level, there are many info and options you can select to increase your and others' experience on HiRoads. You can:
  • see how many times the road has been played
  • see if you have already completed this road
  • see if this road is a favorited one and change this option
  • rate this road from 1 to 5 stars and see the average score
  • express your opinion about the difficulty of this road and see people thought
  • write a comment about this road if you think it deserves more words.